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Grants for Native American Financial Education and Home Ownership Programs

From The Foundation Center...

First Nations Development Institute Announces Financial Education Funding Program

Deadline: June 2, 2008 (Letters of Inquiry)

The First Nations Development Institute ( ), a national nonprofit Native American organization, has announced a funding program to help bolster the educational, home ownership, and financial assets of Native American families and individuals.

With $435,000 in funding from Bank of America ( ), the Johnson Scholar ship Foundation (, the Washington Mutual Foundation ( ), and a fourth partner, the Institute's Little Eagle Staff Fund will provide grants and technical assistance to help the residents of reservation communities become better educated consumers of financial products and services.

Eligible applicants will be tribal programs and Native nonprofit organizations that focus on ass…

Your New Program Or Project Design Must Be Clear Before Applying for Grants

You are approaching potential donors asking them for grants and this, in effect, is really raising new donors who are investors in your organization, the need it's meeting, and your organization's effort. Investors deserve to get the 'who, what, where, when, how, why, and how much' of all aspects of whatever it is you're applying for a grant for.

Whether you are the project manager or a fundraiser writing the grant proposal; writing a grant proposal often does a helpful thing. It forces the program or project design to be fully thought through, fleshed out, and finalized; because if you can't describe for a potential donor the full extent of the program or project, you have work to do. In order to raise grants, and more than one or two, project or program details must be honestly, thoroughly, and succinctly conveyed. If you need to, read my post, How Do We Tighten Up Our Grant Proposal?

Grant donors accept applications for grants because they are involved with th…

Join In the Philanthropy Discussion - Is Person to Person Fundraising Dead?

You are welcome to join in the monthly group blog session called the Giving Carnival. If you'd like to sign up for regular notice, month to month, or even volunteer to host subscribe to the Google Giving Carnival Group. Anyone interested in any aspect of philanthropy is welcome.

This month, Peter Deitz, author of the "about micro-philanthropy" blog is hosting and he provides the questions "Is person to person fundraising dead, or is it just getting started?" Click on the question link to read his post with all of the details. Submit a response to Peter by April 24th 6pm, EST at peterdeitz at gmail dot com or by posting a "Comment" on his post detailing this month's giving carnival (if you don't have a blog to write a response on). Then, check back on April 25th to see all of the responses he received, discover where your colleagues are on the topic, and perhaps even discuss further!

Grants for Many Different Kinds of Community Organizations Assisting Family Caregivers

From The Foundation Center...

Weinberg Foundation Announces Grant Program to Support Family Caregivers

Deadline: June 12, 2008

The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation ( ) has announced an innovative new program to provide $9 million in grants to assist caregivers across the United States.

The Family and Informal Caregiver Funding Program was developed by the Weinberg Foundation to provide the critical resources necessary to support caregivers in innovative ways and facilitate partnerships among agencies and organizations. The primary goal of the program is to increase support for family and informal caregivers who assist older adults living in the community.

Eligible grant recipients include nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations; faith and other community-based organizations; tribal organizations; and units of local government nationwide.

The grant program will support from twelve to twenty community-based projects with grants ranging from $100,000 to $30…