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Grants for Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

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From The Foundation Center...

Open Society Institute Seeks Proposals for Substance Abuse Treatment Program

Deadline: May 1, 2008

The Open Society Institute ( ) is seeking new ideas for its Closing the Addiction Treatment Gap initiative. This groundbreaking $10 million program is designed to provide greater access to high-quality treatment for drug and alcohol addiction to all who need it.

According to a recent national survey, four out of the five Americans who need help for substance abuse problems are unable to get addiction treatment -- either due to lack of health insurance, inadequate insurance, or lack of addiction treatment in their communities.

Closing the Addiction Treatment Gap grant applicants must identify a common geographic area within which they will affect change; partnerships at the state, county, or city level are welcome to apply.

Applicants are asked to demonstrate success and assess their level of readiness on two key strategies: 1) building awareness of the treatment gap among stakeholders; and 2) the implementation of effective strategies for increasing insurance coverage, increasing government appropriations, and/or improving the efficiency and effectiveness of treatment available. Closing the Addiction Treatment Gap will support a wide range of projects and partnerships that meet the program's goals. Eligible applicants are required to show proof of 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, government, or quasi-public authority status; and have a scope of responsibility that includes a cohesive governmental jurisdiction (e.g., city, county, state, tribal jurisdiction).

A minimum of six grants will be awarded through this call for proposals. Grants of up to $600,000 each will be awarded for the entirety of the grant period, including overhead costs. A copy of the Request for Proposals outlining eligibility criteria, key dates, and submission requirements is available at the Closing the Addiction Treatment Gap Web site.

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