Grants to Build Greenways

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Title : Grants to Build Greenways
link : Grants to Build Greenways

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Grants to Build Greenways

From The Foundation Center...

Conservation Fund Accepting Applications for Kodak American Greenways Awards

Program Deadline: June 15, 2008

The Kodak American Greenways Awards Program, a partnership project of the Eastman Kodak Company ( ), the Conservation Fund ( ), and the National Geographic Society ( ), provides small grants to stimulate the planning and design of greenways in communities throughout America.

Grants may be used for activities such as mapping, ecological assessments, surveying, conferences, and design activities; developing brochures, interpretative displays, audio-visual productions, or public opinion surveys; and hiring consultants, incorporating land trusts, building infrastructure (e.g., a foot bridge or bike path), or other creative projects. In general, grants can be used for all appropriate expenses needed to complete a greenway project, including planning, technical assistance, legal, and other costs.

Grant recipients are selected according to criteria that include the importance of the project to local greenway development efforts; demonstrated community support for the project; extent to which the grant will result in matching funds or other support from public or private sources; the likelihood of tangible results; and capacity of the organization to complete the project.

Awards will primarily go to local, regional, or statewide nonprofit organizations. Although public agencies may also apply, community organizations will receive preference. Most grants will range from $500 to $1,000 each; the maximum individual grant award is $2,500.

Visit the Conservation Fund Web site for complete program information. RFP Link:

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